Guiding gathering for new cholesterol guidelines, what’s the threshold?

Greeting new Guidelines or should we embrace them and quickly integrate them into practice?

By James Joseph Rybacki, Pharm.D. 1/8/19

You may have noticed that guidelines are updated about every 2-3 years. This gives time for new research to be published, new conferences to reveal the research and of course the busy clinicians who sit on and lead the guideline panels to meet and hash out the facts, levels of evidence and try to anticipate some aspects of what has happened balanced with good clinical approaches.

There are new cholesterol guidelines which were revealed at the November American Heart Association meeting in Chicago. There are a lot of changes. Thresholds where we should take some action, new nomenclature to be sure, yet the changes in the context of the ever-changing studies this make sense.

I plan to try to interview Roger Blumenthal from John’s Hopkins, one of the leaders of the new cholesterol guidelines at the upcoming American College of Cardiology (ACC) meeting in NOLA in March. If it becomes a reality, we will post the video on in late March.

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