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Let's make  and every year, the year of EXERCISE as a family medicine, healthy eating as a usual choice, learning about new medicines as a conscious decision and population health for you and your community as a strong result! Try to avoid becoming a patient. LIFE CHANGES—if you become a PATIENT and can be a jungle of prescription medicines, medical tests while wondering about safety, side effects, costs, and FDA recalls.

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More than 100,000 people die EVERY YEAR from misusing medicines or from the medicines themselves? Startling. This leads to a common problem where the treatment becomes the disease. What can we do? Focus on steps to take that impact the population in general. This has become to be known as population health. Please watch the video with my colleague Dr. Robert Thompson below for key details.

Population health helps us think about the wellbeing of all of us and which preventative (such as preventive cardiology strategies) we should apply to get the best results from proven lifestyle change and specific medicines. Our publications and coverage of breaking news in our Essential Guide to Medical News videos  bring you the latest treatment advances such as Vascepa (the prescription fish oil) which may lower heart risks by 25%, stroke, and heart attack recovery options and the essential, yet ever changing the world of prescription drugs! The price of medicines can actually be a barrier to population health. Some companies are taking the lead though. Did you know that Amgen lowered the price of Rapatha, their PCSK9 cholesterol medicine by 60%? This is a true breakthrough that we’ve written about in our True Breakthrough Section. Just Click here to find out about important new advances... 

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Remember--the best partner any doctor can have is a more fully informed patient and family. Take control of your health and put the best medicines to work. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, and nurse to know when your medicines (prescription, supplements, nutritional and exercise) should start to help and set a target date to revisit treatment if the goal still escapes you. ALWAYS tell anyone writing a prescription for ALL the drugs you take. This helps avoid drug interactions that can be lethal.


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