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My Dad survived 4 years of World War 2. I have survived the most intense years of what I will call the COVID-19 wars. Many colleagues of mine have died, probably friends and relatives of yours have died too. We’ve come a long way from a frightening place where there was no vaccine and no treatment. Unfortunately Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) has a sloppy gene editor. What this means is that there most likely will be 2-4 mutations (variants) every year and the vaccines will need to be adjusted to be effective. Please get your binary (two kinds of Covid) AND a flu shot this year.

What I learned from the war is that current and accurate information is more critical than ever. You and your family deserve nothing less and I am going to try to bring it to you. I’ve left my interim hospital leadership position to devote my efforts to The Medicine Information Institute and to medicine and health videos, eBooks, webinars and drug information full-time. Please feel free to pay $10 for the entire year and become a supporting member of the site below and help us keep the lights on (you get a free eBook or video of your choice and can be on the members only advance email list for first hand info on new videos, sales and other benefits).

Because so many of you want videos, I’ve been going to the studio every month to create important content and 15 new channels to help you make sense of everything from Cancer to Covid and Vision and new FDA drug approvals. Some of these videos will be free, and you can also rent or buy then and can subscribe to an entire channel if you like. I think it’s time for us to get back on the road to being in the best health possible. Knowledge is power and I’m here to make you more powerful and healthier!

What’s Coming next 

February 2023 finds several new products which have been incorporated into a New Essential Guide to Medical News, Promising Pipeline segment. Here you will find important information on a small West Coast Company that just got a big grant from the Gates Foundation to develop a Novel protection for infants using low-cost breast milk antibodies. The Pipeline will also feature a new lung cancer medicine that the FDA accepted for Fast Track review.

Did you know that February is National Heart Month? It’s true and we will have two new videos on breaking Cardiology news and a late breaking segment of the upcoming American College of Cardiology meeting.

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