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The Medicine Information Institute will be broadening the content on The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs with new videos, interviews and webinars under The Essential Guide to Medical News title, and organized within the 15 channels of Health Information we’ve created. Every month, we’ll give a Feature Video that will relate to important Health Recognition Days, breaking news and important aspects of population health. To help you navigate more easily, there is a new tool bar at the top of every page to make things easier.

We will also be inviting key thought leaders to share their opinions on top developments in their respective fields, breakthrough treatments and even what they think the future will bring. Some of these videos and webinars will be Videos on Demand and if you like, you can access even broader content with a monthly subscription. If you want a more timely awareness of what’s coming next and even more about new products—join our new email list to be right on that information cutting edge of the promising medicine and health pipeline. 

What’s Coming next 

As the months go by, the Health Recognition Days try to bring our focus on aligning with National organizations that bring together true experts on an amazing variety of diseases and conditions. April has more than 40 such monthly awareness highlights as well as weeks and days to highlight everything from Cancer control to Alcohol awareness and even more specific problems like Parkinson’s and Malaria.

Did you know that May is Arthritis month? We will be covering that as well as new videos for Liver problems and high blood pressure and even melanoma and asthma. We can’t cover everything, but we encourage you to use the Contact Us form to suggest new articles and videos! 

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