Getting to the Heart of Oncology (Cancer)

Oncology (Cancer) Answers

Cancer is one of the most feared diagnoses any of us can be given. This is usually one of those catastrophic illnesses that change your life forever—you are now a PATIENT. You’re now juggling prescription medicines and medical tests while worrying about drug safety, side effects, hair loss, being tired and potentially harmful drug interactions.

Take a deep breath and I’ll help you navigate through the often confusing medical news, clinical trials, guidelines and the ever-changing world of prescription drugs. More than any other area, Cancer treatment tends to use investigational medications, have a huge number of experimental uses of medicines, changing research combinations (protocols) and serious consequences of drug interactions. STAY CURRENT. Recent American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) facts show new immune system boosters and combinations of new medicines to give hope and decreased toxicity!

I am Dr. James Rybacki [author of The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs] and YOUR personal advocate and guide through the confusing – and potentially dangerous – the world of illness, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs (OTC), herbs and herbal supplements!  My videos, information packets, newsletters, and books will explain medical terminology, treatment options and drug use/safety in clear, easy-to-understand language.

While other sites provide drug information, I go beyond the basics and concentrate on possible drug interactions, minor AND serious potential side effects, the safety of the drug with pregnant or nursing women—in short, more than 40 categories of information in the Essential Guide to Prescription Drug profiles. Patient and family-centered care are key concepts I believe in and I give you the information you NEED to take control of your health and the health of your family! Remember, your involvement in your own treatment and recovery WILL make a difference! Insist that YOU and YOUR Family are the centers of the medical team–become an informed, educated patient!

I'll show you how and keep you up to date as the research and medicines change. It is so important to get a full view of available treatment options and clinical trials in progress at a major academic center. Visit to find and search options, then discuss with your doctor!

All the best,

Dr. Jim

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