What On Earth Do Those Words Mean

Finally understanding an idea is cause for great happiness!Unfortunately, words and use of language is very complicated in hospitals today and it may not get much better. It is crucial to understand the language of medicine, yet most of us are not trained to do this. Probably the best way to get this knowledge is by rounding with your doctor, but we all know that this is not going to happen. The next best thing may be this site and the explanations of new science and treatments that you or your family won't need a PhD to understand.

For Abnormal Cholesterol: CETP

For Alzheimers: Amyloid

For Arthritis: DMARD

Cronic pain: Neuronal Plasticity

Diabetes: Neuropathy

Heart attacks: Troponins

High blood pressure: JNC8

Oncology (cancer): MEK inhibitor

Osteoporosis: R inhibition

PAD: Claudication

SIde Efffects: Correlation versus causation

Stroke: Ischemic versus hemorrhagic

Weight Loss: Glycemic index

New and timely explanations of new or words that are being used more often will be posted because of new FDA approvals or new guidelines. Visit often. Become a more powerful patient!

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