Tjc And Hospital Quality For Your Family

TJC isn't something that many patients know about, but they give you the power to SPEAK UP in hospitals. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a group that sets standards for how hospitals treat patients. While undergoeing a TJC "visit" is always something that is of concern for hospital administrators and staff, they truely help everyone maintain quality and results. TJC is in the house is a page that inspires hospital leadership and staff alike!

The SPEAK UP program let's patients and their families:

Speak up if they have questions or comments and maintains a "right to know" culture.

Educate themselves about tests, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Asks patients to make one family member or freind their advocate. I've pioneered this concept in 2004 with the idea of identifying coaches to help in a patient and family centered book on heart attacks called Medicines and Your family.

Know about the medicines they take and why you or a family member is taking them.

Use a health care site (hospital, clinic, etc.) that has undergone a rigorous on-site evaluation of quality and safety standards.

Participate in all decisions about treatment by being the center of the healthcare team.

SPEAK UP makes great sense and I think all parents and patients should know about this program. Visit the Joint Commission at

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