Small doses of change from the American Heart Association meeting in Chicago

The Drums of change are beating in Chicago.

Change from understanding existing science and from understanding the promise of science to come in the next 4 days. American Heart Association Meetings are always interesting and frequently change the way heart doctors practice their skill, the medicines they use and we all gain from the improved results (outcomes) that come to light in major studies.

Today there was a fascinating lecture on cardio-renal syndrome--a clinical problem where a failing or declining heart begins to change the way the kidney works. As usual, the science strained the memory on things long past in Medical, Nursing or Pharmacy school, yet the presenters were kind in their review and rigorous in their science.

Later there was an extremely well designed and presented and discussed satellite symposium on medicines that prevent clost after a heart attack, stent placement or heart blood vessel replacements (CABG). Some of the best minds in heart disease openly discussed medicines that make our platelets slippery and keep blood vessels open after the surgeon has repaired our heart pluumbing or the interventional cardiologist has opened a clogged vessel with angioplasty and then inserted a stent.

Tomorrow will bring some crucial information on Natrecor in heart failure. The ASCEND HF study will be part of the late breaking clinical trials presented at 10 AM and may change the very guidelines that your doctor now uses and how he or she uses an exiting drug called Natrecor.

Tomorrow also offers new Inspra data which could again actually change the guidelines your doctor uses if you have a heart attack! Inspra (generic eplerenone) will be the focus of EMPHASIS HF and could offer great hope to people with NYHA class 2 heart failure!

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