Riding a ROCKET for atrial fibrillation and stroke and embolism prevention

Some heart rhythms make abnormal blood clots (emboli) more likely. Atrial fibrillation is one of them. One medicine has been riding a ROCKET (ROCKET AF to be exact) toward preventing strokes in high risk patients with artial fibrillation. The drug is called rivaroxaban (brand name Xarelto) and is a member of a new family of medicines called factor ten inhibitors. More details atwww.Xarelto.com.

Xalto has been compared to a long-standing blood thinner called Coumadin (warfarin) in the ROCKET AF trial and the top line findings were previously released by the company. the devil is always in the details and on Monday, the details of the ROCKET AF study and the findings will be released at the late breaking clinical trial session at the American Heart Association Meeting in Chicago.

The interesting part of this picture is that we already know that the drug study was a success for Xarelto (met the primary endpoints of the study). taking this a step further, it was looked at for how well it prevented non-central nervous system embolism in high risk patients. this was a large study of more than 14,000 and looked at a principal result criteria (primary endpoint) of stroke-non-CNS embolism and also had a majhor safety measure looking at major or minor bleeding.

More will be tweeted from rybackiknows from Chicago, and if the details play out as favorably as the top line initial results, this new blood thinner will have a bright future.

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