Long Wait For Weight Loss At The Fda

Once again, a pharmaceutical company has submitted a weight loss product to the FDA. This one is different though, Contrave is a combination of TWO FDA APPROVED PRODUCTS (bupropion and naltrexone). You may remember two previous products which were rejected partially on safety concerns by the FDA.

Because the manufacturer (Orexigen) who has partnered with Takeda has created a new drug from the combination of two existing ones, might any safety concerns be less concerning since the FDA has allowed the two existing medicines to remain on the market? This is probably a billion dollar question.

December 3rd, the FDA reviewers are expected to release info on their assessment of the information that Orexigen submitted in support of Contrave. December 7th will be the full Endocrine and Metabolic committee meeting. Visit www.fda.gov for more. Perhaps this billion dollar question (unlike the prior candidates) will have a positive answer for the huge number of people waiting for a new medicine.

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