Four Loko, Joose, Core High Gravity (HG, orange), Lemon Lime Core Spiked no longer to be shipped

Certain Caffeinated Alchoholic Beverage makers respond to FDA

The FDA announced progress on its efforts to remove some caffeinated alcoholic drinks from the US market (more at These drinks became the center of controversy when some college students suffered after taking larger than recommended amounts of the products.

The FDA commented that after sending warning letters, all four of the companies  (Phusion Projects, United Brands, Charge Beverages and New Century Brewing which made Moonshot) have stopped shipping  (and in the case of New Century Brewing has stopped making) the caffeinated alchoholic beverages which the FDA wrote to them about. Both United Brands and Phusion Projects expected to have their products off retail store shelves by December 13th.

While this must have been difficult for the makers of these products, it certainly looks like they responded to the FDA quickly. This also shows the FDA to be responsive and quickly reactive to what had to be unexpected risk from caffeinated alchoholic drinks. 

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