Exciting New Cholesterol Treatment Approach

We are going to have to learn some new phrases to keep up with the upcoming American Heart Association meeting in Chicago. CETP. Yes, CETP which stands for Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein. This works like a taxi to transfer triglyceride and cholesteryl esters between lipid contaqining proteins (lipoproteins) and there is a new drug that targets it. When CETP is blocked, good cholesterol (HDL) levels increase.

The results of the DEFINE trial (Determining EFficacy and tolerability of CETP INhibition with anacEtrapib) will be released on Novemgber 17th and may lead to the emergence of a totally new family of medicines (CETP inhibitors). I will be tweeting from the AHA meeting as rybackiknows.

In the future, investigations into Chromosome 16 (16q21) where the gene for CETP is located may lead to addtional breakthroughs.

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