BreathTek UBT

The first Helicobacter pylori breath test in children (BreathTek UBT)

The FIRST breath test for a bacteria known to increase ulcer, gastritisand stomach cancer risk has been approved by the FDA. Known as BreathTek UBT, the test is a breath test which was previously approved by the FDA in adults in 1996. Helicobacter pylori is important because it has been found to be responsible for ongoing (chronic) stomach irritation and gives a 2-6 fold increased risk of having stomach (gastric) cancer. It also is associated with stomach and intestine (duodenal) ulcers.

OF course, getting a child to breath into a test device is MUCH easier than getting blood taken!

Approval Date: 
Fri, 02/24/2012
Otsuka America Pharmacuetical

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