Weight. My weight and bad news from my doc. Join me in losing weight

You can see it in the fishing picture. I failed. It's the genes, it's the food, it's the exercise, it's not my fault. Bull. I went to my new Florida doctor today. Greek tragedy. "What do you think happened, he said?" Um, felt like a 6 year old, "I'm not sure."

It's May second and I'm over 50 and I give a second grade answer. I ate the wrong foods, drank 2 glasses of wine a night, didn't exercise enough and bought larger clothes when things started to bulge. Damn. I did it. Might be some genetic creep from my diabetic parents and certainly with that risk, I need to be close to ideal weight. I failed. Have you failed? Why not join in with me? I am asking myself for one pound this week. Can you do the same?

For the next 10 weeks, let's see what I can do. One drink a night. Spritzer with wine. Downsize the portions and nutrient dense foods. Increase the exercise to 50 minutes a day. Increase the water to 4 glasses (not going to lie about 8 as I don't think I would make that), increase the vegetables to double portions. OK then. Let's get real. 5' 11" 225. There. Damn. Time for change... 

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