Tuesday morning at the American Heart in LA--Niacin/Niaspan and a closer look at AIM HIGH

Taking a closer look at the most basic things can often lead to valuable results. Think about this cat and the flower. A closer look gives you something you want to see versus what could have been a confusing picture on a patio. Research is sometimes like that. Results are sometimes NOT what they appear to be until you take a closer look.

This editor wrote about the AIM HIGH study in the Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs and kept a medicine called Niaspan in the book because it appeared that all the facts and thought had not been considered. AIM HIGH has gotten a second look and we will bring you the results live from the American Heart Association Meeting in Los Angeles.

Tuesday morning at 9 AM Pacific, another look and perhaps another chance will be given to Niaspan. More to come and remember to visit again to know more!

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