New Biosimilar approval (biologic generic) may save billions in costs for rheumatoid arthritis patients

The biosimilar adventure continues-Somewhat like generic medicines, A new biosimilar for infliximab or (Remicade) got the approval not from the FDA. What this means is that the medicine works to combat rheumatoid arthritis and Chrohn's disease, but costs much much less that the well-known brand.

Interestingly, the medicine was developed by Celltrion and will be co-marketed by Pfizer. The name you will see is Inflectra and it IS a kind of infliximab, but will carry the suffix "-dyyb" to differentiate itself. This is only the second biosimilar to be approved by the FDA. More to follow as always, but we appear to have a new FDA approval that will give similar results while saving literally billions of dollars.

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