National Women's Health Week but where is the media ???

It’s National Women’s Health week—yet the networks barely covered this? The concept is simple. Bring together communities, businesses, government and other groups to promote women’s health. Did you know the theme this year? Well, “it’s your time” is what you should have heard more about. At least Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius released a statement on May 11th. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a lot of media pick up for this either.

Looking ahead, as Secretary Sebelius said, women are essential to having healthy strong children and communities. Wow…could there be anything more important than this??? It’s essential in this editor’s opinion to help people understand that today is the day to understand your individual risks and deal with them.

For example, many many women do not realize that heart disease is the leading killer of women. Amazingly, study after study also shows that even women who know heart disease is the leading female killer—a serious percentage of them have NEVER had a talk with their doctor about their heart disease risk.

The bottom line here is MAPES:

M for mental health

A for active and staying active

P for preventive health screening

E for Eating healthy

S for smoking and avoiding unhealthy behaviors

Please help the women in your life take MAPES to heart and get their lifes more on track!

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