Live opening session from the American College of Cardiology meeting in Chicago 2016

Opening session at the American College of Cardiology meeting was fascinating.

Starting with Michelle Obama and her call to prevent childhood obesity. MO, noted that PREVENTION is a key to living longer, healthier lives. Couldn't agree more.

Current ACC President Williams called for everyone to make a shift from treatment to PREVENTION AND POPULATION HEALTH. More importantly, Williams encouraged all 52,000 members to take a team-oriented approach and to "not let your culture hold your heart hostage. Williams found keys in piecing together the MACRA puzzle, advocated dietary guidelines in the 8th edition as well as mobile ACC tools for decreasing ASHD risk.

For all of us, it is "time to turn off the faucet on cardiovascular disease instead of taking weak measures in just mopping up the floor on heart disease management." Nicely said, now everyone in health care and heart care and in families to take this call to action and live the healthier life that we all are capable of.

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