American Heart scientific sessions and ALN-PCSsc, an RNAi Investigational Agent

I'm here at the 2015 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions and will bring you many many key points in the next 2 weeks. This meeting is filled with science and results and fascinating new medicines, SPRINT to new blood pressure goals, measurements such as TIMI and DAPT risk scores and so much more.

The last late breaking clinical trial session happens at 10:45 Nobember 11, 2015. It would be important enough in that some of the best science is saved to the end, but this session is more important because of an investigational medicine called ALN-PCSsc, an RNAi type drug.

I'll return to writing once the session closes and information is released, but I think this new PCSK9 inhibitor may show data on dosing once every 3 months and perhaps even once every 6 months. The effect of this experimental drug on a variety of laboratory tests should also be released! 

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