Can the weight be over June 27th for Lorquess?

The first new weight loss drug to come before the FDA in more than a decade may finally achieve approval. Lorcaserin (brand is Lorquess) offers a novel way of working (Mechanism of action), appears to give a reasonable benefit to risk profile and could be a new answer to obesity and fat attacks in the US. It's essential to realize that being overweight, particularly with belly fat (truncal obesity) starts a very bad cascade of inflammation, increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Any Essential Guide to Medicine should include weight loss as a key initiative and the 2013 Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs will contain lorcaserin and Qnexa as well, should both medicines gain FDA approval. Later this week, pre-orders will be taken for the new lorcaserin (Lorquess) guide. Publication of the roughly 24 page guide will happen no later than July 6th, and it may be pre-released as a pdf in order to get it to interested people sooner!

As always, talk to your doctor about new medicines, benefit to risk considerations and set a target working with your doctor for what you expect the medicine to do and when those goals should be achieved. taking the medicine exactly as prescribed (adherence, conpliance, continuance) is essential as well and make sure you understand how much it costs, if there are samples or other programs to help with the expense of any new medicine.

Further information and release information should be available from the FDA at on June 27th for Lorquess. The weight may be over and this editor applauds the FDA for taking cautious, well-thought steps.

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