Is Contrave the new weight loss drug leader?

Emergency Ebola test FDA approved!

The LightMix Ebola Zaire Test (Roche Holdings) has been authorized for emergency use. This brings hope to the confusing overlapping symptoms from other viral illnesses and could bring needed treatment and isolation techniques to patients actually infected with Ebola. More info at There is also information on the experimental Ebola vaccine at as well. So far, it appears to create an immune response and testing is continuing!

Are you confused or misled about weight loss supplements? 

Myth-the FDA reviews and approves safety and effectiveness of non-prescription weight loss supplements. Truth- supplements are regulated under DSHEA and are not approved by the FDA. A recent Consumer Reports survey found that 20% of about 3,000 surveyed thought that the FDA approved these products and think they have fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Additionally, a fourth of the people surveyed had tried a weight loss supplement, believing those supplements have fewer side effects than prescription products. Shockingly, 50% of those in the survey had at least one adverse effect-actually a higher problem rate.

There are four newer weight loss medicines which are approved by the FDA which may be better for you and have proven results. Visit to find out more. I will profile the one I think is most promising in the new upcoming Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs to be released in 2015. Nalrexone+bupropion (Contrave) may be the emerging leader. 

Are you pregnant, breastfeeding your child?

The FDA will be updating the current letter classification of medicine use in pregnancy as well as the approach for information on medicines and breastfeeding. Sandra Kweder from the FDA noted that many women take at least one medicine during pregnancy, so label transparency is especially timely. New labeling rules will also require drug makers to update their product information. More to come in the next year at

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