Aetna to provide some low cost or free drugs to patients after a heart attack

Aetna, we ARE glad we met ya ! In a dramatic move, Aetna will start to offer  crucial medicines after a heart attack to their patients who suffer a heart attack. Because it is always difficult to get patients to take their essential medicines--even after a heart attack, the MI-FREE study was designed to see how free medicines would help.

Based on the MI-FREE study released at the American Heart Association. Dr. Choudhry , the author of the study said that the study was rare because it improved quality WITHOUT increasing cost. The leadership at Aetna recognized the strength of the results of the study and will start this brilliant and novel new concept in January.

Now that Aetna has decided to make this dramatic move starting in January, the editor asks when Blue Cross and other major insurers will take the same prudent step??

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