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This new "Essential Guide" helps protect you and your family from hidden aspirin and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Did you know aspirin can interact with many blood thinners (anticoagulants) and acetaminophen when taken with alcohol? This re-imagined reference book by Dr. Jim Rybacki, even includes the most widely used anti-anxiety/relaxation drug (alcohol) in a large profile plus a new medicine for weight loss, a new cancer treatment and much much more. Since 1978, the many popular editions of "The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs" have delivered reliable, complete and easy to understand information to millions of families and their loved ones. EGPD, 500 brands and 15 medicines even gives you a new Leading Edge section where you can read about upcoming breakthroughs. Available without a prescription, this new book is just what the doctor ordered for today's readers. Pre-order today at a reduced price (only $19.46) and you will be sure to get your copy the first week in December! Over 200 pages of current medical thinking in plain English for every home.

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( EGPD 15 meds encompassing 500 brands you and your family should know )

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