Thank you for all the emails and calls on the new Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs press release
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  • Thank you for all the emails and calls on the new Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs press release

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments, encouragement and book purchases!

The press release is below. The price will stay at $2.99 or 2 dollars off the $4.99 list through April.

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Celebrated book series releases Update on Alcohol volume; helping readers avoid fatal alcohol poisoning.

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Update on Alcohol, the series’ newest edition, was written to fight back against the six deaths that occur daily in the United States due to alcohol poisoning. A must-read for any individual and their families, Dr. James Rybacki provides an urgent education on interactions between alcohol, prescription and non-prescription medicines that readers are unlikely to obtain from traditional medical channels. This latest volume comes highly recommended from pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and critics from coast to coast.

For Immediate Release

Easton, Maryland – There’s no way to sugarcoat the statistics; six people die from alcohol poisoning each day in the United States, with binge drinking and the nation’s other risky habits killing tens of thousands of others annually. Dr. James Rybacki is acutely aware that most Americans are uneducated when it comes to alcohol and its effects, inspiring him to release a potentially life-saving new book.

His Update on Alcohol forms the latest edition of his widely-acclaimed The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs family of publications. Written in plain-English and without industry jargon, Dr. Rybacki is on a mission to inform the nation about the true and often little-known dangers of alcohol.


Is your college student a risky or binge drinker? Do you know about prescription and even non-prescription drug interactions that can kill you? The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, Update on Alcohol has the answers. Written in the easy-to-understand language the Essential Guide has pioneered since 1978, this new eBook is a "must read" for millions of drinkers to help keep themselves and their families safe.

“More people than ever before are dying due to alcohol poisoning – deaths that can easily be prevented,” explains Dr. Rybacki. “The truth is that many people are simply not aware of their adverse drinking habits, or how alcohol interacts with prescription drugs that they thought were safe. This book is a vital wake-up call to those who could one day unintentionally mix together a fatal cocktail of drugs and alcohol.”

Rybacki added, “Whatever the Government and the health system is doing to educate people about alcohol, it isn’t enough. After learning from CDC data that six people were dying each day due to alcohol poisoning, I dropped everything else I was working on to get this book out there. It is possible for people to relax with a drink and do it safely – this book explains how.”

Since its release, the volume has garnered a string of rave reviews. M. Kharbat comments, “An excellent book with insightful information on alcohol and its potential dangers. It is written in in plain English to give all readers the information they need without having to deal with complex medical terminology. The section on potential interactions between alcohol and prescription drugs is especially very useful. As a pharmacist, I find this book a "must read" for any individual who takes chronic medications on a regular basis. I recommend it to my patients.”

Sarah Tindall adds, “This provides a comprehensive examination of alcohol, and discusses many alcohol-related risks that many people likely overlook. It was well-written with current and interesting information. I recommend it!”

‘The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Update on Alcohol’, from The Medicine Information Institute, is available now:

For more information on the entire series, visit:

About the Author

Dr. James Rybacki is the author of 14 editions of The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, numerous eBooks and has nearly 3 decades of experience as a System Director of Pharmacy, Pharmacy consultant and Vice President Clinical Services. He is currently the President of The medicine Information Institute, providing a variety of publications, videos and Pharmacy on-site assessments and interim management for hospitals, clinics and other health care settings.

Contact: Dr. James Rybacki / 410-820-5865 / [email protected]