Infant grape Tylenol voluntarily recalled in US by McNeil to prevent problems

Taking the correct steps to keep consumers safe is a difficult process when it involves the recall of many doses of a product, yet a division of Johnson and Johnson (McNeil) has done exactly that. In a remarkable move, McNeil is VOLUNTARILY recalling roughly 574,000 bottles of infant's tylenol oral Suspension in the 1 oz grape flavor. See the manufacturer site or visit Further details can be seen at, although the FDA did not ask for this recall.

Apparently, McNeil started this recall after they received some complaints about the SimpleMeasure dosing system that was placed on the bottles in order to help make them safer. While no problems (adverse events) have been reported, the flow restrictor which was intended to help get the appropriate dose apparently got pushed into the bottle by some parents while using the system.

Once and if the flow restrictor is pushed into the bottle, the person measuring the dose should NOT use the product, according to the company. Consumers can ask for a refund by calling 1-888-222-6036 or by visiting