Helping your kidneys--the FDA pilots new technology for end-stage kidney disease

The FDA has established a new innovation pathway designed to help new end-stage kidney products reach patients more rapidly! The first three to be chosen from 32 others are:

1) A Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK) from Blood Purification Technologies of Beverly Hills California

2) An implantable Renal Assist Device (iRAD) from University of California, San Francisco

3) A Hemoaccess Valvue System (HVS) from CreatiVasc Medical in Greenville, SC.

These produts all offer innovation and may help the 500,000 patients suffering from end -stage renal disease and help lower the 29 billion dollar cost of treatments. Nice move, FDA ! We may start to cover some of these products (because some assist medicines in working) in the next edition of The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs. More at